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Aadii Mesh Foundation

Home of Future Sense media, AADII change agency and the Aadii Mesh network


Who we are

Aadii Mesh Foundation is a registered Australian Taoist charity supporting wellbeing and resilience during this time of rapid evolutionary change. 

Our Insights

Future Sense is our media service, providing research based knowledge and insights on current events and future trends.

Our Agency

Our non-profit change agency AADII works with individuals and communities to build capacity, grow connections and enhance resilience.

Humanity’s Evolutionary Leap: 2012 to 2038

Earth is deep into a 36 year change cycle while our Solar System transits between two clouds of gas and dust. Now exiting the Local Interstellar Cloud, we are being exposed to waves of intense space weather. These waves of energy are affecting our DNA and our consciousness, triggering what researcher Dr Clare Graves called ‘a momentous leap’ for human nature and ‘the beginning of human life all over again on a new and different basis.’ According to his research, this includes an extraordinary increase in our problem solving capacity and a reduction in fear-based behaviours. Through our Future Sense project we are mapping and reporting on this unprecedented change, which seems to be evolution’s answer to our most challenging problems.

A new dawn

Emerging Global Trends

As we navigate the end of the Scientific-Industrial era, two significant societal changes are playing out. The most immediate one is a shift to community focused values and relativistic thinking. This will be a short-lived period with the following impacts on society:

  • Decentralisation of power.
  • Migration away from cities.
  • Disruption of global supply chains.
  • Development of local supply chains.
  • Weakening of national government.
  • Rise of transnational networks.
  • Empowerment of local communities.
  • Flattening of hierarchies.
  • Polarisation of society around values.
  • Rising concern for ecology and climate.
  • Increasingly desperate attempts to maintain power and influence by the old paradigm power brokers.

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The 2032+ Indigenous Revival

Around 2032, the forecast ‘momentous leap’ in human capacity is expected to reach a tipping point. The early stages of this leap were identified last century in research data gathered by Dr Clare W Graves. This upshift in our capacity involves a deeper connection with nature and a renewal of harmonious indigenous themes of living. Being in-tune with nature (literally) will be critical, due to an expected increase in  ambient Earth frequencies such as the Schumann Resonance.

In preparation for these changes we are engaged in action research across a variety of disciplines including multidimensional awareness, future community governance, the practical application of indigenous living themes and human interaction with the Earth’s three electromagnetic fields. This indigenous revival is not a return to the past, it’s the emergence of a higher octave of indigenous existence.


Towards Lightbody Activation

The ‘momentous leap’ is taking us into the first stage of lightbody activation, something that’s been new age speculation but is now at the leading edge of science and lived experience. Lightbody (photonic) activation is a three stage process that interweaves an advanced subtle energy geometry with our body’s existing energy centres (chakras) and energy meridians.

Our action research is bring together various bodies of work including Dr Clare Graves’ Second Tier consciousness, Dr Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture energy activation patterns and Nassim Haramein’s understanding of the underlying fractal patterns of space memory (space time). We are also using traditional Taoist alchemy and energy work (qigong) to develop our understanding of how these evolutionary changes are unfolding and what impact they have on our behaviour and our sensory capacities.

Aadii Mesh Foundation (AMF) was founded in 2018 as a registered Taoist charity, based in Australia. It evolved from decades of human development and change management work by founder Steve McDonald, alongside his practice of Taoist alchemy and energy arts. Taoism is a comprehensive indigenous belief system originating in prehistoric China over 4,000 years ago. At its essence it describes the multidimensional nature of existence, centred around an understanding of duality based change dynamics.

Acknowledgement of Country

Aadii Mesh Foundation acknowledges that the sovereignty of the First Nations peoples of the continent known as Australia was never ceded by treaty nor in any other way.

Aadii Mesh Foundation acknowledges and respects First Nations peoples’ laws and ecologically sustainable custodianship of this contintent over tens of thousands of years, through land and sea practices that continue today.

We support much needed truth telling about the history of frontier wars and we advocate healing and peaceful reconciliation for all peoples.

Our office is based on Nyarla country, home of the Gooreng Gooreng language group. 🪃