Our charter is to improve human coping capacity during this time of 
unprecedented global challenges and rapid change.

As a non profit change agency, we work with leaders, visionaries and change makers
to facilitate deeper understandings of human nature and change, while nurturing 
the emergence of new ways of being and the necessary supportive life conditions.

New Consciousness

Our work resonates with a major values shift that’s sweeping the planet, characterised by compassion, peacefulness, deep ecology and the empowerment of local communities.

Future Sense

Future Sense is an advanced knowledge media service. Understanding the dynamics of human nature and complex systems is key to strategic foresight and building a better world. 

New Life Conditions

We facilitate strategic planning, organisational and community development, reconnection with the Earth, advancing technologies and leadership by example. 

Our Current Projects:

  • A documentary series about the global consciousness shift.
  • The recovery and evolution of indigenous knowledge.
  • Exploring technologies for advanced human development.

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AADII is an agency of the non-profit Aadii Mesh Foundation, a registered Australian charity.