AADII’s charter is to improve human coping capacity and quality of life
during this time of
 rapid and disruptive global change.

Earth is currently experiencing an extreme whole-of-system change, which is impacting
its climate, its physical and electromagnetic stability and all of its lifeforms. Two consequences 
already scientifically acknowledged are our changing climate patterns and a mass extinction, in progress. 

 This whole-of-system change is likely driven by the transit of our solar system between
two interstellar clouds, which is occurring concurrently with a Grand Solar Minimum,
thereby increasing our exposure to cosmic radiation.

Human development research from last century identified the very early stages of
an evolutionary leap in human consciousness, activating what we call ‘integrative intelligence’. 
This activation brings an extraordinary increase in human coping capacity,
which is likely very necessary to resolve the challenges we face.  

As a non profit change agency, we support leaders, visionaries and change makers who are
ready to make this extraordinary leap forward, or have already done so.

Human Emergence

AADII is exploring and developing technologies  to support the emergence of integrative intelligence and associated ways of living that increase social resilience and sustainability. 

Future Sense

Future Sense is our advanced knowledge media service, providing research-based information on changes to human nature and our changing
life conditions. Visit the website 


AADII Mesh is our digital network connecting leaders, visionaries and change makers who are supporting the global shift. Currently in beta-testing, it will be launched during 2021.

Our Current Projects:

  • A documentary series about the evolution of human consciousness.
  • The recovery and evolution of indigenous knowledge.
  • Exploring technologies for advanced human development.

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AADII is an agency of the non-profit Aadii Mesh Foundation, a registered Australian charity.