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The Agency for Advanced Development of Integrative Intelligence (AADII)
improves human coping capacity by accelerating individual and social development.

AADII is a future focused non-profit agency with global scope. We apply a complex adaptive systems approach to enabling and supporting individual and social development, across multiple depths and scales. Our work is aimed at smoothing humanity’s transition through this emerging period of unprecedented rapid and disruptive change. Due to the convergence of complex environmental factors, disruptive technologies and changing human values, our capacity to sense, learn and adapt has never been more important.

Understanding and working with the delicate balance between life conditions and the responsive nature of human consciousness is key to effecting meaningful change. Our projects generate new perspectives on complex systems and human coping capacities.

Strategic Foresight

AADII offers insight into personal, social and planetary change trajectories by applying a research based understand of complex adaptive systems. We consult, collaborate and share our insights with allied international futures organizations.


Human consciousness is on the verge of a quantum leap forward. AADII is focused on methods and technologies to accelerate this process, thereby enabling a highly advanced and integrative intelligence that bringsĀ  extraordinary problem solving capacities.

Digital Ecosystem

We are designing a future digital ecosystem around a decentralized, encrypted network platform with cryptocurrency integration.
By connecting change makers we aim to accelerate the global uptake of next generation thinking, technology & social systems.

Educational Media

Understanding change dynamics is central to improving our coping capacity. We provide simple, yet advanced perspectives on change dynamics and trajectories. Working in flow with natural patterns of change means more impact with less effort.

AADII is an agency of the AADII Mesh Foundation, a registered Australian charity.