AADII is a non profit change agency with planetary scope.
Our charter is to improve human coping capacity and quality of life (for all life)
in the face of unprecedented global challenges and accelerating change.


Human Consciousness

AADII employs leading edge technologies to accelerate human development. Expanding human consciousness is the most effective way to positively shift our values and behaviour.  

Future Sense

Future Sense is an advanced knowledge media service. Understanding the dynamics of human nature and complex systems is key to strategic foresight and building a better world. 

Digital Ecosystem

Our Digital Ecosystem (under development) is a trust based, decentralized network platform for individuals and organizations actively engaged in building our next generation global society. 

Our Current Projects:

  • Producing a Future Sense documentary series
  • Building a decentralised Network Platform
  • Establishing a permanent consciousness development facility 

Listen to our weekly Future Sense podcast

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AADII is an agency of the non-profit Aadii Mesh Foundation, a registered Australian charity.